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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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destruction in ferguson, missouri. >> and those demonstrations stretched across the nation, including oakland. this morning crews are cleaning up after violent protests. >> and it's a forecast you need to know about. noticeably warmer for today. we're going to keep that warming trend going through your wednesday. and then rain and a lot of it moves into the bay area. we'll tell you what we're expecting and when in your microclimate forecast. >> and we do have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and we'll check in on a new incident for 680 coming up. >> and a new look live downtown san jose at 6:00. not too many people on the streets. maybe they're already making their way to their thanksgiving destination. it is tuesday, november 25th and
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you are watching "today in the bay." and a good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with new developments in the ferguson grand jury decision not to charge an officer for killing an unarmed teen-ager. violent protests erupted overnight in ferguson, missouri and in oakland. bob redell is tracking the protests in oakland. >> absolutely. but let's begin with kris sanchez, who is in our newsroom monitoring the latest developments and there are many going on in ferguson. >> yeah, ferguson three hours ahead of us timewise so a lot of things happening early this morning. despite a plea for michael brown's family for a peaceful protest, it did not take long for things to turn destructive and dangerous on the streets of
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ferguson. 21 people were arrested and 15 felony violations and more than 20 windows. that is nearby in st. louis. in ferguson itself, things were a lot more destructive. >> the people that were committing violence, the people that were looting or committing violence, that's not protesting, that's criminal conduct. it's more than disappointing. >> reporter: the violent unrest was particularly disappointing to the family of mike embrown. the family attorney says while brown's mother feels the system did fail her son, michael brown, sr. is asking once again that they put an end to the violence. >> very disappointed because he had asked for peace.
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they continue to ask the community not to be violent. it's no solution to be violent when you're facing issues of violence. >> reporter: the brown family is expected to speak on their own behalf coming up at 8:00 this morning. >> i wish i could attend and meet you, hug you and personally thank you for all of your continued support. however, due to my and my family's safety, i am unable to. >> now, in pictures released of officer wilson taken at the hospital the night of the death of michael brown, his face is red and swollen. when asked in an interview he said "i thought another one of those punches in my face could
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knock me out" or worse. we are we're going to watch that and bring that to you a little later today. >> so many developments to track in this story. >> coast-to-coast protests erupting in new york. more than a thousand demonstrators marched right through times square, in philadelphia several hundred people walking through city streets shoudting "hands up, don't shoot" and protesters blocked interstate 44 in st. louis. in l.a. police were on a citywide tactical alert. >> one of the bicker demonstrations happened in oakland. bob redell is there where clean-up is already under way. it's been happening overnight. and some contractors just arriving at this where you can
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see this is one of five businesses that counted that we had its windows smashed during this wells fargo -- and then the front door window was also smashed. and this was the scene about an all had suffered some sort of damage that have been shattered. it's our understanding there may have been looting inside the store as well. this did all start as a peaceful gathering downtown of about a thousand people who came to hear the broadcast of the michael brown grand jury decision. when it was announced that officer wilson would not be indicted, some of these people marched chanting "hands up,
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don't shoot, justice for michael brown." others, unfortunately, had other plan. some people looted at least a couple businesses, smashed windows, as i mentioned. one thing you're going to see down here is a lot of kra gra et despite that, there are many protesters who remained peaceful by holding a die-in and candlelight vigils in honor of michael brown. >> if you are black or brown in this country, you are not human. people get to take your life and not be accountable for that. >> there were arrests last night, we can say it was several in number, but as far as exact numbers, we haven't heard yet from o.p.d.
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we did reach out to them a couple of hours ago and they indicated they might try to get some numbers at least maybe later in the morning, if not later today, on the number of people arrested. >> protesters of all nationality are out there as well. >> no question. >> it's 6:45. we're going to go live to ferg san where the sun is up, we're getting a much better idea of how much damage was done last night. >> it was 6:07. and we want to check the forecast right now. look at that. iconic bay bridge out there. look at the lights. it's hard to believe we're going to approach some pretty nice temperatures this afternoon. >> yes. absolutely. it still a little bit dark outside, christina time is
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running out for your thanksgiving plan. it's some gorgeous conditions for those last-minute areas. maybe it's just taking up the turkey atpoint. >> this morning grab a coat, something you can ditch later on. it's cool and clear out there to start the day. really good looking afternoon numbers, 71 for the south bay, 70 on the peninsula and 67 in san francisco. for your thanksgiving, really comfortable conditions will continue and then we bring on that rain. take a look at this, though. 0 degrees for thebay. as we head throughout your furst, 64 for the east bay, north bay is at 69 degrees and then it comes in.
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and this is what we're looking at from the first round of rains saturday's system, point to 9 and then that could potentially bring us up to an inch and floup you'll get around that heavy stuff if you are traveling on saturday or sunday. first, it's a traffic tuesday. you might be expecting a light drive but, mike, those metering lights are on. what's up with that? >> they're keeping the drive -- the metering lights are on because the volume of traffic coming through the bridge they
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consid consider. we see. emeryville on the approach to the berkeley curve. look at the rest of your commute as we were looking at the tri-valley. west 580 does show a build typical in that direction but lighter than normal as far as the volume. there's a and a little farther south than that, some debris just dropped off a truck so we'll monitor that. and that is the southbound side heading into the area but we
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could not find the crash in this live area. developing northbound, approaching story here and we're just authority bay. >> a lot of people are off, kids are out of school -- >> and i have to do shopping and there are probably other people. >> that's right. doesn't forget, don't forget. >> christmas shopping? >> no, food shopping first, then the other stuff later. >> and a fiery wreck overnight. >> you can buy a kitchen sink on amazon and now you can buy the plumber, too. we'll show you how that works coming pup. >> we do want to know about that. and what lawmakers plan to do to make sure you don't have to pay to walk across the golden gate bridge.
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at 6:14 on tuesday morning, here's a look at today's top stories. several buildings in ferguson, missouri still smoldering this morning. >> and one person has died and another in custody this morning after a fiery four-car crash on interstate 580 in oakland, right near where the protest took place. two separate cashes, each involving two cars happened just moments apart around 11:45 on
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westbound 580 near the east fruitvale off ramp. all lanes have reopened. >> president obama will pitch his new action on immigration. he will speak to community leaders. >> 6:15 right now on your tuesday. interesting new research this morning about women entrepreneurs. >> scott mcgrew, there are fortunately more and more of them. >> there are. one of the biggest incubators, y combinateor. one said becoming an entrepreneur is so challenging and success so statistically unlikely, your gender becomes sort of a rounding error.
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many women surveyed say they do wish they had taken more computer science classes and wish they had started computer training at a young are aer age. >> amazon says it's going to offer services like plumbers and handyman. if you buy a sink on amazon, and you can, amazon will offer plumber services as an add on. there's also a service called home joy that will do pretty much the same. it started as a way to schedule a house cleaning and it's expanded to plumbers and what not. and home joy was started by one of those combinateors.
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she dropped out of clemson to start her business. >> and we go live to stephanie chuang. >> reporter: we just caught up with a group of about 15 bicyclists, these guys saying they ride the golden gate bridge five to six times a week and they're pleased to hear that two lawmakers are stepping up to keep that access free and open. these two democratic assembly members are set to announce later this week how they plan to protect access to the golden gate bridge. but if no changes are made, the
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bridge faces major deficits. >> they would think to charge people? it just doesn't seem like there's much precedent. it's very much a recreational focal point for the city. just doesn't seem fair, doesn't seem precedented. >> we're still talking at least a couple years before this would happen. there are other measures that could impact your commute now. a strike was narrowly avoided last month that threatened to halt bus service. could be some impact now. the district is also considering other savings through a 45-point plan that would include a multi-year toll increase for the cars and that would start in july of 2018. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> nice color scheme. >> accidental, i don't know. it was beautiful. kind of windy out there as well.
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wow, that's beautiful. look at the sun coming up, as we take a live rook olook outside overlooking san jose. >> 6:18 on your tuesday. thanksgiving just around the corner. we just found out christina loren is going to be lighting the old christmas tree at ghiradelli. >> 50th annual. it's going to be fantastic. you know because it's the 50th anniversary, they are going to go big. but the only thing is there's rain on the way. i'm going to show you what we could be going through. that is hopefully going to hold off, the heavy stuff anyhow, until we get into saturday. there's a chance. the union square tree lighting that night as well. we could see some rainfall during those festivities. nonetheless, the party will continue as we usher in the holiday season here in the bay area. really pretty out there. you can see the beautiful twinkling lights here very clearly in emeryville this
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morning, bay bridge highly visible from top to bottom. that's because we don't have any fog out there. another clear start, temperatures looking good. belvedere fll v belvedere spectacular this morning. we'll hold on to the 70s all the way through your thanksgiving. south bay 70 degrees straight up on your thanksgiving day, really comfortable conditions all across the board. we're going to hold on to lovely conditions, even for the first part of friday, then it starts to get harry around here. we got a big storm system on the way. let me guide you through this, especially if you're trying to get out of town or get back into town as we head throughout this weekend. you're good threw friday. friday we'll see heavier stuff start to move south of the golden gate bridge by saturday.
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the first system is a slow mover. it's going to take its time just to get here to the south bay, which is good news if you're trying to get out of town or get back into town. you have up until 6:30 on saturday here in the south bay, then the heavy stuff comes through. early saturday you can get out and then watch what happens as we take you into your sunday and into monday. that's when the big system arrives. if we have flight delays, likely on sunday out of this next weather maker. this is what we want to see courtesy of mother nature when it comes to our drought situation. i can tell you this is going to cause problems for travelers. we're going to be here watching it for you very closely. it's the second system, mike, that looks like it's really packing a punch for the bay area. nonetheless, we need the rain so we'll take it. >> we certainly will and we'll have to deal with it as well.
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we'll help folks get back to that commute and get over the food coma. traffic not as bad as we usually see on a tuesday. it's orange here through the heart of livermore. 84 shows slowing but nor significant slowing is southbound 680. stay over to your right and down toward fremont. traffic is continuing with the slower drive but it is continuing to move pretty steadily where you can make pretty good time traveling through that same area. meanwhile, 880 southbound show as little slowing. you can see much less slowing than we typically see on a tuesday. no problems for those bridges or northbound through the south bay. the south bay toll plaza, the metering lights are on. then the berkeley curve is where things slow. the bay bridge metering lights
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are on. we do have some flashing lights but no crash in the area, it may be a maintenance truck in the area. southbound 101 show as little bit of a build but not of any concern. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:23 right now on your tuesday. still ahead on "today in the bay," new video released of a rocket explosion. what it's telling us about what went wrong.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is 6:25 this morning. the fda will announce plans to have calorie counts posted at more places. california already has a similar law but this federal law expands to everything from movie theater popcorn to potato salad from the grocery store. even beer. it was supposed to go into effect years ago under the affordable care act but was set back from the food industry. it's set to actually start next year. >> on second thought, don't tell us how many calories are in the movie theater popcorn. >> 6:26 this morning. scientists hope a video can help them learn more about what caused a rocket to explode just seconds after liftoff. it's been almost four weeks since this rocket blew up. now workers have recovered several videos near the launchpad.
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it was set to bring supplies to the space station. an investigation is still ongoing. >> it is 6:26 right now. still ahead, chuck hagel on the way out as defense secretary. who is next? we go live to washington for the short list of possible placement. >> plus thanksgiving travel troubles already? >> a live look from ferguson, missouri this morning. live reports coming up.
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here's the deal, a rainy pattern develops which could
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hamper your trip to get back home after thanksgiving. >> we're expecting a lighter vacation week traffic flow but we have backup at the bay bridge and the tri-valley coming up. >> and new data shows economic growth is even better than expected. a live look at the new york stock exchange this morning and we'll take you over to the nasdaq as well. >> well, let's take you outside by the beautiful bay bridge this morning. sun rising up at the bay area on this tuesday morning, november 25th. this is "today in the bay." and a good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. an update to a developing story in ferguson where protesters went wild smashing police car windows, lobbing bottles at officers following a grand
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jury's decision not to indict a white police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black teen-ager. protests also broke out in the bay area. in about 15 minutes, we will get an update from oakland as well as ferguson. >> the fall-out in washington this morning after senator chuck hagel announcing he will step down. and richard, the candidates will likely be facing tough questions in senate confirmation hearings. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's exactly right. this gives the president the tonight to bring in new leadership at the pentagon. as you said, by the time that this does come up for confirmation, the senate will be controlled by republicans, so can you expect there would be hard questioning, especially since chuck hagel is one of the few republicans in the obama administration. there is a list of some of the front-runners in place that could possibly replace hagel.
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at the top of that list, michele f their ou-- flournoy. ashton carter and jack reed. reed has already said he's not interested in the position. dealing with isis militants was a point of contention between the president and chuck hagel. that was likely what led to hagel leaving his post because he was not on board with the president's ideas. >> and, richard, presidential nominees period are going to face an uphill climb given the
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political climate. >> up to 10 inches of snow could delay thanksgiving plans for millions of americans on the east coast. it could cause delays along the busy northeast corridor and possibly upset travel plans at airports up and down the east coast. the storm is expected to hit tomorrow and blow through by thanksgiving morning. >> right now we don't want to think about storm-like conditions. let's get a cheerier look at your forecast, as we give you a live look right now. the s curve in san rafael on your tuesday morning. >> you can see so clearly out there as well. we don't have a lot of cloud cover to keep us warm. so kind of a crisp start to the morning. we're expecting a warmup. want to check in with christina. >> beautiful day coming your way. good morning to you, sam, laura, everybody at home. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. i want to thank you so much for
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waking up with us each and every day, especially if you have the week off, i know a lot of you do, getting ready for thanksgiving. a cool start. that will be the case until about 123:00. then we'll reach the 60s and if finish off the day in the 70s. even getting nice and warm in your coastal cities for today. as we head throughout the end of the week, big changes coming your way. two strong storm systems. bewee could actually measure rainfall and -- yeah, we're talking about some heavy downpours on the way to the bay area where we need it. let's check your drive. >> we have a lot of cars. okay. here we'll just look at the traffic flow. even though we have a lighter
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volume of traffic, as we look at your maps all around the bay, woo do have a backup at the toll plaza and a need for metering lights to keep traffic restrict restricted. building down the east shore freeway to the berkeley curve but nothing really dramatic and much, much lighter than the typical tuesday. all around the bay, we're showing you the wide shot, northbound 101 starts the second build of the morning. a crash south 880 at a street. we see a little extra slowing through hayward and a slower drive at dublin and a couple of crashes down through sunol. in the dublin area, traffic looks pretty nicely. no problems here. and the golden gate bridge moves smoothly as well. this is not the problem as far as traffic is involved. and --
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>> changes if you'll have to pay to walk or bike across it. >> consumer spending numbers are up, possibly buoying the market. >> the market has been open just a few minutes now. >> good morning. we know they're spending it on that would be. >> >> the commerce department took a look at america's gdp and said it's seen some. strongest quarters it's had. they raised third quarterests so more evidence the u.s. economy is doing very, very well. >> that's nice to hear. >> welcome sight. thank you very much, scott. still to come, search for survivors.
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an eight-story building comes crashing to the ground overnight. amazing pictures to show you coming up next.
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you are likely getting ready
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to jump start your day right now. 6:39 on a holiday week tuesday. at&t glistening in the sunrise, despite the lack of presence of a certain third baseman, pablo sandoval. >> big shoes to fill there. >> the hope has arrived in france to talk to the european parliament. he then travels to the european parliament and will later visit the council of europe. the hope is expected to address issues such as immigration and the economic crisis. his visit is scheduled to last less than four hours. >> rescue teams this morning still searching for survivors who may have been trapped in the rubble after a building collapsed in cairo, egypt. at least ten were killed when an eight-story building just sank earlier today. seven others were injured. residents of surrounding buildings have also been
6:41 am
evacuated. officials say the collapse was caused by several extra levels of building without authority. >> officials have been authorized to evacuate everyone who doesn't get out of their way. >> destruction in ferguson. protesters taking the street after a grand jury decide not to indict an officer after killing a teen. >> and two crashes, one of them ending in a fiery wreck. >> and a look at downtown san jose. folks just waking up at 6:40 or so on their tuesday. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after this break.
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violent protests erupting, protesters setting fire and marching in the streets. >> bob redell is live in oakland with just how much damage was done. >> it's isolated to a certain stretch of broadway. you're looking at the smart & final, which was unfortunately hit hard by people who decided
6:45 am
to smash its window. we also believe they went inside and did some looting. down to the left, it's a starbucks, similar situation. probably about six or seven businesses and/or banks that had their windows smashed and graffiti up and down the walls here along the stretch of broadway. this was the scene a couple hours ago when you had the contractors down here, out since midnight, 12:30 this morning, boarding up a lot of these windows trying to make it right so if these businesses wanted to reopen, they could. there are still some smashed windows down the street that needed to be boarded up. as far as what the mood is like down here, they've done a pretty good job of cleaning up in time for business before the holiday. this did start as a peaceful gathering downtown. estimates are about a thousand people came to hear the broadcast of the decision. when it was announced that
6:46 am
officer wilson would not be indicted, some marched with hands up shouting "don't shoot," some set trash cans and debris on fire in the middle of roads and vandalized at least one police car. the sense we get is that was a minority of the people. the majority of the people were protesting peacefully and just trying to get the word out, how they felt about the grand jury decision back there in the midwest. >> some -- something to go on. but to have nothing is just -- it takes your guts away. >> what's going to happen in the future? what do i look like bringing a black male into this world for him to get shot on the street? >> and this is chopper video of one of the remarkable moments last night, starting at 8:00, you had possibly a thousand
6:47 am
protesters who went up on 580. at one point they had both directions of the freeway shut down. chp and op were able to clear the road by roughly around 11:00 last night. there were arrests last night. we did speak with opd a few hours ago and they're going to try to give us those numbers sometime later this morning, if not later today. >> the decision clearly striking a national cord. >> that's so obvious because coast-to-coast protests erupted. in new york, more than a thousand demonstrators marched through time squares. about 15 miles from ferguson, protesters blocked interstate 44 in st. louis and in los angeles, police were placed on a citywide tactical alert as a crowd of more than 3 hoon marched in the streets. >> but the epicenter of activity remains in ferguson.
6:48 am
that is where "today in the bay"'s jennifer bjorklund joins us from. >> reporter: it was a disappointment for those who were allowing an opportunity for peaceful protest to crop up, holding back and not moving in and trying to exacerbate the problem. they had so many different attempts at different tactics over the summer and they kept changing them and it kept ending up in violence. so last night was no exception and it turned out to be the worst night, according to the police chief of st. louis county that they've had so far. we do have new arrest numbers out this morning. they're saying now 82 people have been arrested. that's up from 60 just a few hours ago. it's not that they're arresting more people, it's just that more
6:49 am
agencies are reporting the arrests that they did make. >> and they are looking for the people who set some 25 buildings on fire overnight, also discharging a weapon so a really tough night. they're hoping not to have another within tonight. they've kept this business district here closed down. they consider this entire stretch about a ten-block area as a crime scene. >> we hope that a new day does not bring a new wave of violence. jennifer, thank you very much. >> it is 6:49 right now. it is time to check the forecast as we give you a live look outside overlooking san francisco. we've seen the sun creep uch this morning making way for a beautiful day. christina's got a look at our
6:50 am
temperatures. >> yeah, hey, good morning to you. i know a lot of you have family, friends coming to town and i know you might actually be headed out of town yourself. whatever the case may be, if you've got some time off and you are going to be headed out and about, conditions are going to be nice. but just for a few more days before we bring on those changes. thank you so much for waking up with us each and every weekday. i love when i have a good story to tell in the weather department. that's just what we're looking at as we head throughout this weekend. some really good rainfall on the way to the bare area. you and your loved one getting some choice conditions, as we head throughout the next few days. here's san jose, christmas in the park down there otherwise we're looking nice and calm in
6:51 am
terms of your wind speed for most of the bay area. this is a beautiful live look at tiburon this morning getting those gorgeous dawn colors and really clear conditions just for a couple more days before we pring on those changes. 71 for the south bay today, 68 on the east short and 72 is room temperature for those of you who have the luxury of living in wine country. that's where we'll see the highest rainfall totals but not until we head into this weekend. i think a lot of the tree lightings will go off without a hitch. up do want to keep your rain gear handy. this could change but i think the heavy stuff will stay north of the golden gate bridge. i take you into your friday. stop that clock for you. at 3:00 p.m. the showers are starting up and that's where they'll stay until about 6:30. then we continue that future cast and take you into your saturday at 12:30, still looking good for those of you trying to get out of town in the south bay. that's when we could start to see the flight delays out of san francisco. then we get heavier rainfall as
6:52 am
we head into your sunday night into monday. that's when the big storm system comes through and this one is capable of dumping rain on the bay area. so i'm watching it very closely for you and i'll bring you updates throughout the next few days. right now let's get you updated on your drive. here's mike inouye. >> that's actually all the thanksgiving festivities. the traffic flow is usually lighter. that's what we see, southbound 680 in the last five minutes, a huge improvement as the sun comes up over the hill. we had an earlier slowdown coming up, both accidents have cleared from the roadway and recovery southbound. so speeds in the 50 mile-per-hour range at their very worst. look at the tri-valley. >> and we'll give you a live look at 101. the volume of traffic now really starting to build up north of
6:53 am
680. we're seeing a slower drive and typical patter but lighter than normal on a typical tuesday. the slowing eastbound is not the concern. it's westbound across that flat section over the last few minutes. for now we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> one person is dead and another in custody after a fiery four-car crash on interstate 580 in oakland not far from where folks were protesting last night. two separate crashes, each involve it would go cars, happened just moments apart late last night on westbound interstate 580 near the fruitvale off ramp. a car involved in the second crash did burst into flames and the person inside did not survive. crews did not clear that scene until about three hours ago. >> happening today, two bay area lawmakers are introducing a law to block any plans for a pedestrian toll on the golden gate bridge. >> welcomed news to many
6:54 am
visitors who didn't want to have to may. >> good morning, sam and laura. you see how beautiful this is out here. people want the access to be free but people who oversee the financing of the golden gate bridge say they're facing big deficits. a democratic assembly member of san francisco, manned mark levine of san rafael are set to announce later this morning around 11:00 how they plan to keep the bridge open and free to pedestrians and cyclists but district officials say everything needs remain on the table, especially after committing to big probably projects like the suicide nets here at $76 million, as well as seismic upgrades. this morning cyclists we spoke with this morning are disappointed. >> charging for something that represents our city internationally, i just feel like it's kind of a knock to the
6:55 am
people who are coming to visit, as well as the people who live here. >> now, the board is likely to consider other savings measures through other moves of the 45-point plan, including a multi-use increase for cars and a five-year fare increase for the bus and live in san francisco, steph knew chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you, stephanie. >> the government told t-mobile it needs to be more honest about how and why it slows down people's connection. >> scott mcgrew, not an uncommon practice among phone companies affecting new customers. >> that's right. if you have a data cap and you're not grandfathered in, you're limited to how much data you can use each month. the phone company has two
6:56 am
choices, if you go over the cap, they can charge you extra money or they can slow your connection. t-mobile chooses to slow your connection, sometimes called lot to willing or data shaping. the fcc says t-mobile was being tricky. if you downloaded a speed check app to your phone to see how fast your connection was, t-mobile let the app access the network at full speed you think i guess everything's okay. then you go back to netflix and say what in the world is wrong. so t-mobile solved that. >> we just got the latest house price data from case shiller a few moments ago. one of the guys in the case shiller name won a nobel prize for economics. it shows san francisco house prices have begun to fade, though only slightly. basically a negative number for the second month in a row but just barely a negative number. so the growth in price appears to be over, at least on pause.
6:57 am
and do note this is for san francisco, which is defined by the u.s. sense us data. it includes part of the east bay and peninsula but not the south bay. >> run out now, just bring your checkbook. easy as that. >> 6:57 right now. a final check of the day's top stories for you. protests erupted across the country and here at home after a grand jury chose not to indict a ferguson police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. this is the scene in oakland after angry protesters smashed through windows, lit fires and closed interstate 580 twice. so far no word on the number of arrests. >> san francisco leaders will be holding a final vote today on new rights for thousands of workers. the measure is called the retail workers bill of rights. it would require two weeks notice for scheduling and extra pay. >> up to 10 inches of snow could
6:58 am
delay plans for millions of families on the east coast. the forecast could cause delays in the northeast and possibly upset travel plans at airports up and down the east coast. >> lots of people traveling for the holidays. >> they likely will if you're trying to help that way. >> temperatures now in the 40s. we're on our way to the 60s and 70s, my friends. a beautiful day coming your way with changes just around the corner. three more dry days before that heavy rain moves in. if you missed that forecast, no worries, i'm here with you every 15 minutes all the way throughout noon today. >> we do the local noon update as well the traffic. >> ooh, look at this happen, laura look at the rest of the
6:59 am
bay, it is light like you said. the toll plaza, the metering lights are on. we do have a couple of little spots. but that morning commute should be mostly cleared by about 9:00. >> a lot of people mourning this morning. >> heavy hearts. >> yeah, pablo sandoval. the boston red sox are holding a news conference later today announcing his signing. he's leaving our beloved giants. >> he said he wasn't going to do that! he's agreed to a five-year deal with the sox. since '08 he's helped lead the giants to three world series in five years. he said "this is the most
7:00 am
difficult decision i've had to make, i've laughed and cried with you and grown up with you, you'll always be in my heart." >> have a good day. good morning. ferguson in flames. chaos erupts after a grand jury decides no charges will be brought against the police officer who fatally shot michael brown. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> hands up. >> don't shoot. >> buildings and cars on fire. bottles and rocks thrown at police. tear gas used to control angry crowd. >> probably much worse than the worst night we had in august and that's truly unfortunate. >> the protests quickly spreading from coast to coast. new york, nashville, los angeles.


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